Donor Spotlight – The Phil Hardin Foundation

The Phil Hardin Foundation’s goal is to be a catalyst for educational opportunity and community improvement in Mississippi. Mr. Lloyd Gray has been the executive director of The Phil Hardin Foundation since July of 2015, and the foundation has supported Magnolia Speech School since 2003.

Through all their work, Executive Director Lloyd Gray says, “The most gratifying thing about the work that The Phil Hardin Foundation does is being able to see the community impact that our investments are able to make.”

The Phil Hardin Foundation is proud to support Magnolia Speech School’s audiological booth and is grateful for the essential work they have done for the children of Mississippi.

Audiological Booth:

Magnolia Speech School’s pediatric audiologist provides daily monitoring, maintenance and repairs to all hearing devices. Routine tympanometry, hearing screenings, hearing evaluations, speech perception testing, and weekly individual auditory listening therapy is provided for all of our hearing-impaired students. Cochlear implant mapping (Cochlear and Med-El) is done onsite, and the school maintains a hearing aid loaner program.

Audiological services are also offered to the public. We offer hearing evaluations, hearing aid dispensing, monitoring, repairs and maintenance services. We are able to provide outpatient cochlear implant habilitation and rehabilitation.