Tuition and Financial Aid


At Magnolia Speech School we recognize that the cost of specialized education for children with language- learning challenges and hearing loss is a significant investment. We are committed to making educational and clinical services affordable to all qualified families to the extent that our resources allow.

The actual cost of tuition at our special-purpose, non-profit school is valued at approximately $31,000 per student, but at Magnolia Speech School no family pays full cost of tuition. Income from tuition covers only 25-30% of the overall budget for the school. Our development and administrative staff work diligently throughout the year to fill the financial gaps resulting from reduced tuition.

The reduced annual cost of tuition for all enrolled students is $12,000. However, our Board of Directors remains committed that cost alone should never stand as a barrier between any child and the quality of specialized education they deserve. Communicative challenges are shared among all families and the demographics of Magnolia Speech School has always reflected this diversity. For all these reasons we have established tuition-based assistance.

Tuition-based assistance is meant to fill the gap between the cost of tuition and related clinical services and what a family can realistically pay toward this cost. It is based solely on demonstrated financial need. Families are expected to contribute to their children’s educational expenses to the greatest extent they are able. Note: Those families with $110,000 or more in household income are unlikely to receive tuition assistance.

You will find the form for tuition assistance here. Tuition Assistance Forms are also included in all registration packets.  The Tuition Assistance Form must be completed before June 1 each year.  Completed forms and the family’s most recent 1040 form will be submitted to the tuition-based assistance committee for review and tuition determination. All applicants will be notified before June 15.

As always, supporting the students and families of Magnolia Speech School remains the most important aspect of our school. If you have any questions, we are available to you.


A financial contract and $325 registration fee are required before admission. Parents have a selection of payment options: annually, bi-annually, monthly, or bi-monthly. ACH withdrawal is the preferred method of payment through the business office, but cash, checks, and credit card payments are accepted. Credit card payments are assessed an additional 4%. These options are noted on the financial contract.

Please contact office manager, Beverly Cunningham at 601.914.9200 or via email at with any specific payment questions. 


Early morning and after-school childcare is available as a convenience for busy families. Morning care is available from 7:00 – 8:00 every morning. The cost of morning care is $30/week. “Drop-Ins” are available for $10 per day. These costs will be assessed monthly. 

The “Tree House” is Magnolia Speech School’s after-school care. Students may attend Tree House from 3:00 – 5:30 p.m. afternoons that school is in session. The Tree House provides a schedule of outside play (weather-permitting), inside play, and snack. Some independent homework can be completed during their time at Tree House; however, homework that requires more direct parental involvement will be sent home for completion.

The cost of The Tree House is $65.00 per week. “Drop-Ins” are available for $20/day. These costs will be assessed monthly.


Certain therapeutic services are available to our students through our clinic at additional costs. These services include individual therapy with a certified, licensed audiologist, occupational therapist, dyslexia therapist, and speech/language pathologists according to the needs of your child.

The clinic at Magnolia Speech School also provides assessment and therapy for speech/language development, communicative disorders, and dyslexia on an outpatient basis. Please call 601.914.9200 for fee information.