Students We Serve

Students We Serve at Magnolia Speech School

Magnolia Speech School seeks to enable all children with communicative disorders to reach their full potential through spoken language and literacy.

Children with Hearing Loss or Language-Based Disorders

Students enrolled at Magnolia Speech School typically have been diagnosed with hearing loss or some type of language-based disorder such as receptive and/or expressive language disorder, speech (articulation) disorders, apraxia, dyslexia, etc. Click here to learn more about the admissions process.

The students with language-based disorders use the Association Method, a multisensory approach that addresses language, speech, reading and writing at the same time. The Association Method begins with single sounds (phonemes) and builds language to a conversational level with complex sentences and asking/answering questions.

We help students diagnosed with hearing loss or language-based disorders work toward transitioning into general education settings.

Students Working Toward General Education Settings

Our students work toward the goal of entering a general educational setting. The average enrollment time is 2-5 years. Each student at Magnolia Speech School is viewed as a unique individual, so enrollment length varies with each child.

All students enrolled at Magnolia Speech School are given a formal battery of standardized tests each spring to measure annual progress. These evaluations look at receptive and expressive language, receptive and expressive vocabulary, articulation, and academic skills. Parents, supervisors and teachers meet together to review the measured progress and make recommendations for entry into general educational classes. Magnolia Speech School staff is available to provide ongoing support to students and families as needed.

Are you a parent of a child with a speech or language disorder and want to learn more about Magnolia Speech School? Contact us today.

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