Early Intervention Services

Early Intervention Services

Treating Children with Hearing Loss Ages 0-3

Parents who suspect a hearing loss in their children should contact Magnolia Speech School. In our diagnostic evaluation center, we offer evaluations for hearing loss by a licensed, certified audiologist. Our audiologist is also a hearing aid specialist who can dispense hearing aids. If the need for a cochlear implant is indicated, an appropriate referral is made. In addition to complete audiological services, a licensed, certified speech/language pathologist performs a complete speech/language evaluation, which includes any combination of oral/facial exams, articulation testing, receptive and expressive language testing, and assessment of voice and fluency. The testing team and other Magnolia Speech School staff administer developmental, psychological, achievement, and other testing instruments as needed.

Early Intervention Services at Magnolia Speech School are available to children with hearing loss from birth to three years old through either our Parent/Infant program or our Center-Based Classroom Program.

Parent/Infant Program

When the Mississippi Legislature mandated newborn hearing screening in 1996, the Mississippi Department of Health contracted with Magnolia Speech School to provide an auditory/oral communication option to families statewide. Services are offered to babies who have hearing loss from birth to age three through both home-based and center-based settings. Through the home-based program, certified and licensed Magnolia Speech School personnel offer emotional support to families while providing information and home activities that enable families to stimulate auditory and oral language development. A full range of audiological services is also provided by the pediatric audiologist to ensure that the child is fitted with the most current and effective listening technology.

Center-Based Classroom Program

Many children transition from the Parent/Infant home-based program into the Early Intervention Classroom Program at the school. These classes, taught by licensed Teachers of the Deaf, consist of up to five children with hearing loss and one typically developing child who serves as a language model. Trained assistants work in each class so the teacher-to-child ratio remains very small. In addition, all audiological needs are met at the school, along with individual speech therapy, auditory training, and occupational therapy as needed. All students also attend language-based music classes. Parents are partners in their child’s education by participating in individual meetings with teachers, group meetings, classroom observation, and home activities supplied by the teacher.

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